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A community building event


In 2019, the Woodstock Community Trust was the fiscal sponsor for Naked Table, a community building project run by ShackletonThomas. Held on the Woodstock Green in 2019, volunteers from 21 area non-profit organizations made their own sustainably sourced tables under the knowledgeable eyes of the ShackletonThomas furniture makers. 

The Challenge

As a limited project, Naked Table did not want to go through the complications and delays of establishing its own 501c3 status. 

The Solution

The Woodstock Community Trust was able to act as the fiscal sponsor for Naked Table, relieving the organization of considerable administrative and legal burden.

The Impact

Naked Table was a unique community-building event that brought together people from all walks of life to celebrate our village and community. Learn more at

Project Plans and Support

Today Naked Table is its own 501c3 and no longer has a formal relationship with Woodstock Community Trust. There have been many Naked Table events and WCT is proud to have assisted the project along the way.