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Woodstock Community Trust is a non-profit umbrella organization that empowers teams to carry out local projects to improve the quality of life in our community.


We envision a healthy, vibrant and supportive community for people of all ages, identities, and walks of life.


Woodstock Community Trust was founded in 1997 by a few Woodstock residents who devoted twelve years to creating an affordable housing development in Woodstock. Revived in 2018 to continue to create more reasonably priced housing in Woodstock, over time Woodstock Community Trust began to support several other projects. In 2020, Woodstock Community Trust was the fiscal sponsor for the Woodstock Area Relief Fund (WARF). Working together with many volunteers WARF raised, managed and distributed nearly $1 million in aid for those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our Promise

…to community advocates and change-makers, Woodstock Community Trust will

  • provide behind-the scenes assistance so that your team can focus on your priorities
  • manage governance, administrative, and financial responsibilities for discreet projects, start-up non-profits, and on-going non-profits
  • guide and share resources for fundraising and marketing
  • provide an easy and secure way to collect tax-deductible contributions from your donors
  • help you navigate the local regulations and collaborate with relevant local officials
  • help you partner with regional and state organizations such as the Twin Pines Housing Trust, Upper Valley Land Trust, and the Vermont Housing and Conservation Board

Click here to learn more about joining our portfolio.

…to community volunteers, Woodstock Community Trust will

  • share your interest, passion, and joy in creating positive change for our community
  • explore with you how best to match your interests and skills with a project  
  • connect you with the people and organizations in our community who will welcome your energy and skills to make a difference

Click here for volunteer opportunities

…to community benefactors, Woodstock Community Trust

  • is a one-stop site where you can allocate your philanthropic gifts across a range of projects and organizations that benefit the Woodstock community
  • provides a simple yet secure process to maximize the impact of your gifts
To see what Woodstock Community Trust is capable of, visit our Woodstock Area Relief Fund (WARF) project.